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Looking for a drywall repair company in Orland, Florida? We are here to help. With over a decade of experience and expertise in hanging and repairing drywall, we offer superior service.

Before hiring a contractor to hang or repair your drywall make sure you review their online reviews and testimonials.

The importance of online reviews is undeniable. They are a great way to learn about the quality of a company before you hire them. That is why it is important to take the time to read online reviews before hiring a drywall repair contractor in your local area.

Also, ask how long they have been in business and the company experience. Do they guarantee their work?

Most importantly are they licensed and insured to perform the work they are being hired to do.

Drywall, also known as plasterboard, is used to partition interior walls and ceilings from floors and roofs. It provides insulation and soundproofing for homes and offices. Drywall repair contractors are responsible for fixing holes in the drywall, repairing cracks, patching holes, filling gaps between panels, and painting over damaged areas.

Online reviews are important because they provide an honest opinion about the quality of a company’s workmanship or service. A good drywall repair contractor will have more positive reviews than negative reviews on their website or social media page.

Drywall Repair Orlando Florida

Drywall Repair Contractor Orlando, Florida

A little about drywall repair contractors and what to know about them.

  1. Drywall repair contractors are professionals who specialize in repairing drywall damage. These professionals have extensive knowledge and experience in repairing drywall. They use specialized tools and equipment to fix any type of damage. They may even use their own hands to fix minor cracks and holes.
  2. Drywall installation contractors install drywall. They do this by measuring and cutting out the pieces of drywall that need to be installed. Then they apply tape and mud to the seams between the pieces of drywall. After this step, the contractor uses a special tool called a taping knife to smooth out the edges of the tape. Finally, he or she applies joint compound over the taped area. Once the joints are covered, the contractor smoothes them out using a putty knife.
  3. Drywall finishing contractors finish drywall. They sand down the surface of the wall until it is smooth. They then apply paint to the finished drywall.
  4. Drywall patching contractors patch drywall. They cut out damaged sections of drywall and replace them with fresh drywall.
  5. Drywall painting contractors paint drywall. They mix paints and sealers together before applying them to the drywall.
  6. Drywall texturing contractor’s texture drywall. They use brushes and rollers to create designs on the drywall.
  7. Drywall finishing contractors refinish drywall. They remove old paint and apply new paint to the drywall. They also clean off any dirt or debris that was left behind after removing the old paint.

Orlando Drywall Repair Services

  1. Drywall repair contractors repair drywall. They use a variety of tools and techniques to fix small problems.
  2. Drywall installation contractors hang drywall. They measure and cut out the pieces of dry-wall that need to be hung. They then attach the drywall to the studs using nails or screws.
  3. Drywall finishing contractors cover drywall. They apply tape and mud to seams between pieces of drywall. They then smooth out the edges of tape using a special tool called a tape knife. Finally, they apply joint compound over the taped areas.
  4. Drywall patching and replacement contractors patch drywall. If the drywall is damaged, they cut out the damaged section and replace it with fresh drywall. They also repair cracked plasterboard.
  5. Drywall texturing and finishing contractors texture and finish drywall. They use various tools and techniques to create patterns on the drywall. They can also add decorative details to the drywall. 
  6. Drywall hanging contractors hang drywall. Before installing drywall, they measure and mark where the drywall should go. They then nail or screw the drywall to the framing members.
  7. Drywall repair contractors fix small cracks and holes in drywall. They use special tools to fill these cracks and holes.

Drywall installation And Repair In Orlando, FL

Here is a list of everything we off as a professional Orlando Florida drywall company.

  1. Drywall Installation

A drywall contractor is responsible for installing drywall in a building. A drywall contractor may install drywall in the interior rooms of a house, including bathrooms, kitchens, dens, bedrooms, etc. In addition, they may also install drywall in exterior rooms, including patios, decks, garages, basements, etc. Drywall contractors often work directly for home builders, property managers, and homeowners.

  1. Drywall Finishing

After the drywall is installed, it is finished. Drywall finishing includes painting the drywall, applying texture, and adding accessories. Drywall finishing is done by a drywall finisher. Drywall finishers may use paintbrushes, rollers, sprayers, airless spray guns, and other tools to apply textures and accessories to the drywall.

  1. Drywall Repair

When drywall begins to crack, peel, bulge, sag, warp, or crumble, it may need repair. Drywall repairs are performed by a drywall repairman. Drywall repairmen may use putty knives, hammers, screwdrivers, drills, saws, sanders, and other tools to fix cracks, holes, and other damage.

  1. Drywall Sanding

After the drywall has been repaired, it is sanded. Drywall sanding is done by a drywall sander. Drywall sanders may use hand-held power tools, belt sanders, drum sanders, orbital sanders, and other types of sanders to smooth out any rough edges left behind after repair.

  1. Drywall Painting

After the drywall surface has been sanded, it is painted. Drywall painting is done by a drywalling painter. Drywall painters may use brushes, rollers, sprayer cans, airless spray guns, and other tools to apply paints and stains to the drywall. Drywall painters also clean up spills and remove excess paint before moving on to the next room.

  1. Drywall Hanging

After the drywall surfaces have been painted, they are hung. Drywall hanging is done by a dry-wall hanger. Drywall hangers may use hooks, nails, screws, staples, tape measures, chalk lines, and other tools to hang drywall.

  1. Drywall Trimming

After the drywall hangs, it is trimmed. Drywall trimming is done by a dry waling trimmer. Drywall trimmers may use scissors, utility knives, box cutters, circular saws, handsaws, and other tools to trim off excess pieces of drywall.

Average Cost Of Drywall Repair and Drywall Installation In Orlando, FL

The average repair cost for drywall is $400-$500 dollars. The cost for drywall installation is around $1.50-$3.50 per square foot depending on project size and finishing options.

Drywall pricing really needs to be done from a thorough estimate since every project is different.


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